PygmaliART fait peau neuve!

PygmaliART has a new look!

In recent weeks, PygmaliART has worked closely with Alex “ La Pieuvre Graphiste ” to modernize the visual identity of our brand. The goal behind this change was to better represent our mission, vision and values.

“Allowing artists to collaborate and express themselves in innovative ways while reconciling classical and modern aspects of art by creating a unique environment for all artists is our mission.”

Amélie Pigeon, vice-president

It is now done and we are proud to present to you the fruit of this collaboration.

A major modernization by Alex “La Pieuvre Graphiste”

How can we ensure that our logo represents PygmaliART's commitment to encouraging creativity, transformation and collaboration in the art world? This is the mandate we gave to Alex.

The carefully considered choice of typography

Firstly, the use of two distinct fonts creates a contrast that represents the union between traditional and contemporary, which is perfectly in line with PygmaliART's desire to reconcile classic aspects of art with modern trends.

The handwritten font chosen for the word "Pygmali" expresses the company's core values; authenticity and humanity . This font highlights the intimate relationship between the artist and his work. Interestingly, don't look for the name of the font, it's the handwriting of Jean-Marc Pigeon, founder of the company. His daughter Amélie wanted to wink at him and thus pay homage to the family history of the company.

The modern, elegant and geometric font used for the word “ART” embodies the contemporary and innovative aspect of the company. This font also symbolizes the transformation that PygmaliART wishes to bring to the art materials sector by enabling artists to collaborate and express themselves in innovative ways.

Color, this element so important to the artist

We could have had a blast with the color. However, by using white and black in our branding, we convey the idea that each person has a blank canvas just waiting to be filled with their own creativity.

White also represents purity and innocence, serving as a reminder that creating art can be a liberating and refreshing experience for the spirit.

On the other hand, black symbolizes depth and intensity, which reflects the impact that art can have on our emotions and our perception of the world.

PygmaliART, your faithful ally

The traces left by PygmaliART in the artistic lives of its clients are deep and lasting, like an indelible imprint that will accompany you throughout your creative journey. Thus, by choosing PygmaliART , you ensure that you receive quality support to bring your artistic projects to life.