Partenariat entre IAF et PygmaliART

PygmaliART and the Institute of Figurative Arts (IAF): A fusional partnership

The owners, Jean-Marc and Amélie Pigeon, are joining forces with the Institute of Figurative Arts. The partnership officially began at the end of the week during the exhibition in Alma of the Institute of Figurative Artfs .

Their wish in joining forces with the IAF?

Members of the Institute of Figurative Arts of Quebec

Contribute, in our own way, to promoting each artist and art in Quebec. We believe that every artist deserves to shine, and we are proud to be able to be part of their artistic adventure.

Similar and complementary missions

The mission of the IAF and PygmaliART is based on similar values ​​and this is why the association between the two was a natural fit.

PygmaliART wishes to support artists of all kinds in bringing their artistic projects to life by offering them quality products. The IAF aims to recognize, bring together and promote professional artists from Quebec.

Thanks to this partnership, members of the Institute of Figurative Arts obtain a discount on all products available on the online store. Enough to encourage and fuel the creativity of our Quebec artists, without restraint!

PygmaliART never does anything halfway!

But that's not all. PygmaliART undertakes to pay 5% of sales made by IAF members to the organization. Supporting the growth and influence of the IAF while equipping ourselves with quality equipment while supporting a local business, that's what we call killing two birds with one stone, right?

Work from the PygmaliART and IAF partnership exhibition

PygmaliART, your faithful ally

The traces left by PygmaliART in the artistic lives of its clients are deep and lasting, like an indelible imprint that will accompany you throughout your creative journey. Thus, by choosing PygmaliART , you ensure that you receive quality support to bring your artistic projects to life.