Peinture aquarelle Sennelier

Sennelier watercolor paint


      For decades, Sennelier has worked closely with many artists to create Sennelier Extra-Fine Watercolor. To meet their needs, the company consulted with watercolor artists around the world to understand their habits and expectations. For over a century, Sennelier watercolors have been made with the same bases, using the best pigments and premium gum arabic from Kordofan as a binder. The presence of gum arabic and honey allows for incomparable application and the creation of superb washes. The colors mix perfectly with each other to give superb shades. The intense and creamy colors will make each application more pleasant. Thanks to honey, your Sennelier watercolor tubes and pans will be very resistant over time, allowing you to faithfully translate the diversity of light and shapes with each use. Choose superior quality with Sennelier Extra-Fine watercolor to bring your works of art to life.

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