Papier pastels Colourfix Art Spectrum

Art Spectrum dry pastel papers


      Art Spectrum® Colourfix™ European Watercolor Paper Sheets are hot pressed and weigh 300gsm. They are acid-free and screen printed with Art Spectrum® Colourfix™ primer. With a range of twenty lightfast colors, these sheets feature a fine, deep tooth. It is an ideal medium for pastels, oil colors, acrylics, inks, oil pastels, gouache, watercolor and dry techniques such as charcoal and pencils. The natural, toothy texture allows multiple layers of pastel to be layered without the need for fixative, preserving the pastel's vibrant color and velvety bloom. It's also easy to erase mistakes with Colourfix™ - simply remove excess pastel with clear tape, brush with a dry paintbrush or use a pencil eraser. If a mistake is made, areas can be repainted or touched up with the matching color of Art Spectrum Colourfix™ Primer. The hard, toothy surface allows it to be sanded, scrubbed, tempered and reworked at will.

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