Engagement envers l'écologie de PygmaliART

Doing Our Part: Our Commitment to Environmentally Responsible Shipping

For us, every little gesture counts to protect our planet. This is why we have decided not to print on our boxes. This simple but meaningful step helps reduce our ecological footprint, as printing often requires inks and processes that can have an impact on the environment. In addition, by replacing plastic with ecological glucose-based filling, not only are we minimizing the use of non-recyclable materials, but we are also offering an innovative and gentle solution for the planet.

Eco-responsible transport

Our Commitment to Economical and Ecological Delivery

Our delivery approach is based on a balance between economy and respect for the environment. For each order, we choose the most suitable carrier, taking into account both competitive pricing and their commitment to sustainability. This flexible strategy allows us to support practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency. By adopting this method, we offer our customers an eco-friendly shipping solution that is not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective.

How Does Our Eco-Friendly Approach Benefit Our Customers?

For our customers, choosing our products means much more than a simple transaction. This is the assurance that each order is one more step towards a greener future. Our sturdy, reusable boxes, free of print, are perfect for multiple uses, including gift wrapping. The biodegradable padding, dissolving easily in water, reduces the volume of waste, providing a practical and nature-friendly solution. It's our way of creating an authentic and respectful experience for our customers and for the planet.

Meeting Challenges with Innovation and Humanity

When we decided to make our shipping more eco-friendly, our biggest challenge was not compromising on quality and efficiency. This is where innovation and a sense of community come into play. Working closely with our logistics partners, we have found creative solutions to package and deliver our products. This has not just been a project, but a journey shared with those who, like us, believe in a better and greener future.