Clairefontaine Pastelmat



      Pastelmat® paper from Clairefontaine, made in France, is a quality product widely appreciated by the greatest pastellists in the world. Artists have found that this paper offers them exceptional control over the application of mediums, making it popular in the creative community. Unlike traditional Ingres papers, the surface of Pastelmat® is solid and velvety, with a unique texture obtained thanks to cellulose plant fibers. This grainy texture allows for optimal adhesion of pastel pigments, resulting in vibrant, deep colors. Additionally, the paper is water and solvent resistant, allowing pastellists to work with denatured alcohol solutions or other solvents to create undercoats and build layers on top. Compared to sanded pastel papers, which are made with aluminum oxide and other chemicals to create their grainy texture, Pastelmat® is unique. Additionally, Pastelmat®'s surface allows pigments to cling deeply, eliminating the need to use fixatives to keep color stable.

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