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Girault® Pastels: Where Heritage Meets Modern Creativity

A Colorful Journey Since 1780

Ah, Pastels Girault®! Much more than a simple brand, it is a true artistic adventure which began in 1780. Imagine, a time when Mozart enchanted the ears, Pastels Girault® began to color the world of art. Since then, these pastels have continued to seduce artists, becoming synonymous with tradition and innovation in the world of colors.

Girault Pastels Box

When Tradition Mixes with Innovation

The pastels made by Pastel Girault are real little treasures: pigments chosen with love, a light resistance that makes the sun fade, colors that take us on a journey on earth and in our hearts and a texture... Difficult to describe ... A clever mix of ancestral techniques and small touches of modernity, so that each work of art can transcend the ages.

Green pastels from Pastels Girault

A Green Commitment, For a More Beautiful Earth: Art in the Service of Ecology

In a world where ecology is becoming a priority, Pastels Girault® is committed to being an actor of change. Each pastel is a promise: that of deep respect for our environment. This eco-responsible approach is reflected in the works created, where the beauty of nature is often highlighted, thus inspiring artistic awareness for the preservation of our planet.

The Ambassadors of Color: A Kaleidoscope of Artistic Talents

Pastels Girault® ambassadors are the vibrant heart of its reputation. Everyone tells a different story. Olga Abramova transports us with her delicate works, while Gwenneth Barth captivates with her soulful portraits. Rubén Belloso astounds us with his almost palpable realism, Michel Bordas paints landscapes that seem out of a dream and Richard McKinley , a master of light and atmosphere who paints landscapes celebrating nature while capturing the essence ephemeral of each moment with unparalleled poetry and precision.

This section would not be complete without pastel artist Claude Texier , a family friend whose works reflect a contagious joie de vivre. His scenes of daily life are a vibrant testimony to the elegance and finesse that Girault® Pastels allow.

Each artist, with their unique style, demonstrates the versatility and richness of Girault® Pastels. Whether through mist-shrouded landscapes, portraits that seem to breathe, or vibrant life scenes, they illustrate the ability of these pastels to transcend artistic boundaries and bring every imagination to life.

A Legacy That Continues to Inspire

Girault® Pastels are not simple tools, they are messengers of a rich tradition, a bridge between the glorious past and a colorful future. Using them, artists weave their own thread into the great carpet of art history.

It's normal to want to "eyeball" all these beautiful sets after reading more than 1000 words about this extraordinary French company! You can go see what’s happening on our store ! I remind you that if you don't find what you're looking for, write to me here  and we will see what can be done! 😉

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