Comment choisir les meilleurs crayons de couleur professionnels?

How to Choose the Best Professional Colored Pencils?

Every artist knows how crucial it is to have the best artistic tools . With so many colored pencil brands on the market, finding the perfect set can be tricky. Are you looking for the ideal professional colored pencil set ? I am here to guide you towards the essential criteria for an informed choice.

The 5 criteria for choosing your colored pencils

1. Pigment quality

The vibrancy of a color is closely linked to the quality of the pigment . A premium pigment, free of additives and fillers, produces a sharp, saturated shade. A pure, contaminant-free design preserves the fidelity of every nuance.

2. Light resistance

A high-end pigment does not always promise excellent luminous staying power. To ensure that your artistic creations maintain their color and shine over time, use pencils with high light resistance . Resistance grades vary (from 1 to 8, with 8 being optimal). The information is generally on the manufacturers' color charts!

3. Color Overlay

A professional pencil stands out for its ability to layer colors harmoniously. The quality of this overlay depends largely on the binder of the mine. The colored pencil should have a well-balanced composition, neither too waxy nor too oily.

4. Comfort of use

For hours of drawing, the comfort of the pencil is essential. Consider shape, size and coating for optimal choice.

5. Sustainability and responsibility

Beyond performance, an eco-responsible pencil is an asset. For example, Caran D'Ache uses FSC-certified wood for its pencils, guaranteeing environmentally friendly production while having ethical standards for the people who work there.

To obtain a professional and ethical result, it is essential to take these 5 criteria into account when purchasing your colored pencils. Ensure the quality of the pigment, the lightfastness, the color overlap, the comfort of use and finally, the durability and responsibility of the brand.

If this article was useful to you, leave me a little comment! And don't forget to download my free tool to further enrich your artistic style. See you soon and keep creating!

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